People from many NATIONS will say “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord … HE will teach us HIS ways.” Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 2:3


Shalom and welcome to Emek Elohim! We invite you to come to Shabbat service each week and become a part of our caring community. Located in Fresno, California, we are a Messianic Congregation of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua, the Messiah. Dig into the scriptures with us as we study the Tanakh and B’rit Chadashah from the perspective of the first-century Jewish believer.

 Messianic Life Class

Meeting at 10:45 AM each Shabbat, the Messianic Life class is the opportunity to learn from many areas within Messianic Judaism. The current focus of study is “The Fall of Edom: Decoding Ovadiah’s Vision.” All are welcome.

Take a journey through the Bible and the words of the Sages with Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira to gain insight into the prophetic events unfolding in the Middle East through an in-depth look at Ovadiah’s vision. In this stand-along sequel to Rabbi Shapira’s best-selling book, The New Hamas: The Great Organized Chaos and the Coming of Mashiach, you will gain insight into how the final war will emerge, ultimately leading to the destruction of the forces of Evil and paving the way for the ultimate conclusion: the coming of Messiah! Prepare yourself; the end is near!

 Shabbat Service

Immediately following class at 11:45 AM each Shabbat, join us for Torah study, a time of praise and Davidic dance. There is also teaching from the Haftarah and B’rit Chadashah. We recognize that the scriptures were written and preserved by faithful Jewish men of God. We emphasize a personal, daily vibrant relationship with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the Yeshua the Messiah.

Join us! There are opportunities to learn, serve and to fellowship. Bring your gifts and talents to serve Adonai with us!

Following the Shabbat service, the congregation family shares a meal together at Oneg (the fellowship meal), and concludes the Shabbat day. 

Service Locations & Times

Messianic Life Roundtable – 10:45 AM each Shabbat (Saturday)

Shabbat Service – 11:45 AM each Shabbat (Saturday)

Location: 1300 E. Shaw Avenue, Ste 103, Fresno CA 93710.

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