“In order to begin to understand the Siddur (the prayer book), it is necessary to understand prayer.”

Rabbi Steven Bernstein, Ahavat Olam Siddur



Learning Liturgy: prayers from the Siddur

“The Siddur is the cornerstone of Israel’s expression of its relationship with HaShem. Its beginnings stem from the Babylonian exile, and the Anshei Knesset HaGedola (Members of the Great Assembly). The Siddur has been refined through the centuries as the guidebook for the Synagogue service. It is designed to unite Israel in expressly fulfilling as much as we can of the commandments of the Temple sacrificial service described in Numbers chapters 28 and 29. The Siddur is not a box intended to confine us and our individual prayer to HaShem, rather, it is a unifier that allows us as a part of Israel, to come together and express our love, praise, and worship before HaShem, together as a Nation.” (from Ahavat Olam Siddur, Rabbi Steven Bernstein).

Come with us on the journey to understand the liturgy of the synagogue.


Liturgy – Part 1 Barchu & Sh’ma


Liturgy – Part 2 Sh’ma & Ve’ahavta