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Messianic Life Roundtable

Each Shabbat


10:45 AM



The Messianic Life Roundtable provides the opportunity to learn from many areas within Messianic Judaism. All are welcome. 

Some topics of study: 

  • ~The Besorah According to COVID-19
  • ~Learning Liturgy
  • ~Mesillat Yesharim: Path of the Just
  • ~Pirkei Avot: Ethics of the Fathers
  • ~The New Hamas
  • ~The Fall of Edom~~
  • ~The Rivkah Remnant
  • ~The Temple & The Offerings 



Shabbat Service

Each Shabbat


11:45 AM



Learn from the Torah, enter into praise and worship, and and receive Biblical teaching. 

Following the Shabbat service, the congregation family shares a meal together at Oneg (the fellowship meal), and concludes the Shabbat day. When bringing a food dish to share, please, no pork or shellfish.

Join us! There are opportunities to learn, serve and to fellowship. Bring your gifts and talents to serve Adonai with us!