The core of Emek Elohim is Torah (instruction) and then expanding to all the Holy Scriptures that include the Prophets and Writings and the B’rit Chadashah (New Covenant). Balanced and detailed teaching from the Messianic Jewish perspective is extremely important. It is essential to study to understand the original Jewish context and background.  Exploring Jewish culture, traditions and history is critical to fully grasp the original intent of the the writers. Each Shabbat, Rabbi Brent teaches from the Torah and others areas of the Bible. Come and learn with us. 

 The video and audio messages are from the weekly Shabbat services and Holy Days.  

The video teaching messages link directly to Emek Elohim’s YouTube channel. Be sure to “subscribe” to the channel when you are viewing the messages.

You are invited to watch the message that Rabbi Brent gave on April 8, 2023, “Heading to Jerusalem Together,” as he joined Rabbi Itzhak Shapira and friends for a prophetic end-times conference live from California for the launching of Derech HaEmet Messianic Synagogue .

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