I solemnly charge you before G-d and the Messiah Yeshua, who will judge the living and the dead when He appears and establishes His Kingdom: proclaim the Word! Be on hand with it whether the time seems right or not. Convict, censure and exhort with unfailing patience and with teaching. 

2 Timothy 4:2 CJB






Congregation Leaders

Moreh Brent & Staci Woods

Moreh Brent Woods grew up in a family of 9 children in a Catholic household. For nearly 30 years he has served in local congregations in various capacities, including Associate Messianic Rabbi, Assistant Messianic Congregational Leader, Bible study teacher, music ministry, usher, children’s ministry and other positions.

Brent has completed the course of Yeshiva studies through the IAMCS, the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues. He is studying modern Hebrew (ulpan) through Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is currently completing coursework through Ahavat Ammi’s Yeshivat Shuvu 

Brent met his wife of 29+ years Staci while serving in music ministry. They have 2 children.

Moreh Brent is available to speak at your synagogue, church, congregation, bible study or conference to share about Messianic Judaism and teach on relevant subjects.